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We have not been relenting in delivering quality services to the oil and gas industries and as such, we carry out the following:

  • Mud Testing and Analysis such as Rheological properties, Filtration properties, Oil-Water Ratio, Chemical Analysis of mud, etc
  • Testing and Analysis of Completion Fluids Chemicals such as Turbidity, filtration, etc
  • Testing, Analysis and Selection of production Chemicals such as Bottle Testing, Cold Finger Test, etc.
  • Testing and Analysis of Petroleum Products like AGO, ATK, etc for Flash Point, Dean and Stark, Distillation, etc
  • Specialized Tests as Permeability Plugging Test, Production Screen Test, Particle sizeAnalysis
  • Water Analysis for Dissolved Oxygen, Nitrate, Iron, Chlorine, Microbial using the Mass Spectrophotometer
  • Any other analysis as required by our Clients on product testing such as QAQC of all 3rd Party goods to our clients

With modern and state of the art laboratory and equipment equipped with experienced and well-seasoned staffs carrying out professional service, we not only deliver the job accurately and timely, we exceed our clients’ expectations.

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