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Production Chemicals

We have distinguished ourselves by providing our Clients with Professional Technical Support Services and Timely Safe delivery of Standard products. Our production chemicals are designed and tailored to suit the demands of our clients, our technical team are always available to support in achieving desired results through field monitoring and evaluation. Our range of products include:

  1. Demulsifier
  2. Corrosion Inhibitor
  3. Anti-foams
  4. Scale Inhibitors
  5. Hydrogen Sulphide Scavengers
  6. Hydraulic and Hydrate Inhibitor
  7. Cleaning compounds/utility chemicals
  8. Paraffin /Asphaltene Inhibitors
  9. Pour point Depressants
  10. Water clarifiers
  11. Biocides
  12. Subsea treatment chemicals, etc.

Gas dehydration Chemical- MDEA, Diethylene glycol (TEG) etc. Water Injection Chemicals- Oxygen Scavenger, Corrosion inhibitor, Biocides and Calcium nitrate etc. Commodity chemical supply-Ethylene Glycol (MEG), Diethylene Glycol (DEG), Methanol and Acetic acid.

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